WHAT WE DO: Building TLC - Team, Landscape, & Culture

Team - We cannot stress enough what the most important piece of our company is — YOU. The most important philosophy of our organization is the concept that we are ONE TEAM, constantly striving to better ourselves and the organization through hard work and dedication. We will continually strive to achieve mutual respect in our working relationship.

Landscape - We are not just another landscaping company; rather we are the INDUSTRY STANDARD. For over 25 years our company has been changing and enhancing the Metro Detroit landscape scene. With years of vision, hard work, and determination we have consecutively been identified as an AWARD WINNING company.

Culture - Landscaping is our job, people are our passion. We hire, train, and promote individuals with an interest in the green industry. More than that, we make it a career worthy decision - with competitive pay, performance bonuses, health and life benefits, 401k programs, state of the art equipment, and much more.

OUR MISSION: "Our team of professionals take great pride in our reputation of providing a full range of the highest quality landscaping services. We are committed to our customers' satisfaction in every aspect of our business."